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Devon Warren-Kachelein

Devon Warren-Kachelein

Staff Writer, ISMG

Warren-Kachelein began her information security journey as a multimedia journalist for SecureWorld, a Portland, Oregon-based cybersecurity events and media group. There she covered topics ranging from government policy to nation-states, as well as topics related to diversity and security awareness. She began her career reporting news for a Southern California-based paper called The Log and also contributed to tech media company Digital Trends.

SEC Chair Seeks to 'Modernize' Cybersecurity Regulations

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 27, 2022

Log4j Updates: Flaw Challenges Global Security Leaders

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 25, 2022

Dark Souls 3 Video Game Reportedly Has Exploitable Flaw

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 24, 2022

JPMorgan Chase Invests $12 Billion in Security Updates

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 19, 2022

North Korean APTs Target Cryptocurrency Startups

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 14, 2022

US Warns of Russia-Backed Threat to Critical Infrastructure

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 11, 2022

Researchers Discover H2 Database Flaw Similar to Log4Shell

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 7, 2022

New Mexico County Hit by Suspected Ransomware Attack

Devon Warren-Kachelein  •  January 6, 2022

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