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Dan Gunderman

Dan Gunderman

News Desk Staff Writer

As staff writer on the news desk at Information Security Media Group, Gunderman covers governmental/geopolitical cybersecurity updates from across the globe. Previously, he was the editor of Cyber Security Hub, or CSHub.com, covering enterprise security news and strategy for CISOs, CIOs and top decision-makers. He also formerly was a reporter for the New York Daily News, where he covered breaking news, politics, technology and more. Gunderman has also written and edited for such news publications as NorthJersey.com, Patch.com and CheatSheet.com.

CISA, EPA Issue 100-Day Cyber Plan for Water Utilities

Dan Gunderman  •  January 27, 2022

Report: Access Broker Exploiting VMware Log4j Vulnerability

Dan Gunderman  •  January 26, 2022

US OMB Releases Zero Trust Strategy for Federal Agencies

Dan Gunderman  •  January 26, 2022

US, NATO Discuss Ukrainian Cyber Aid Amid Tensions

Dan Gunderman  •  January 25, 2022

Report: DHS Fears Russian Cyberattack If US Acts on Ukraine

Dan Gunderman  •  January 24, 2022

Microsoft Finds SolarWinds Vulnerability Amid Log4j Search

Dan Gunderman  •  January 24, 2022

US Federal Reserve Issues Report on Digital Dollar

Dan Gunderman  •  January 21, 2022

Israeli Officials Deny Claims of Improper Spyware Use

Dan Gunderman  •  January 20, 2022

Biden Memo Orders Cybersecurity Improvements

Dan Gunderman  •  January 20, 2022

2 Key Cybersecurity Lawmakers Will Not Seek Reelection

Dan Gunderman  •  January 19, 2022

NSO Group Spyware Reportedly Used by Israeli Police Force

Dan Gunderman  •  January 18, 2022

GAO: SolarWinds, Exchange Hacks Reveal Info-Sharing Gaps

Dan Gunderman  •  January 17, 2022

FCC Proposes Stricter Telecom Breach Notification Measures

Dan Gunderman  •  January 14, 2022

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